adb shell ps

adb shell ps

List processes.

Which processes to show (selections may be comma separated lists):

-A   All processes

-a   Processes with terminals that aren't session leaders

-d   All processes that aren't session leaders

-e   Same as -A

-g   Belonging to GROUPs

-G   Belonging to real GROUPs (before sgid)

-p   PIDs (--pid)

-P   Parent PIDs (--ppid)

-s   In session IDs

-t   Attached to selected TTYs

-T   Show threads

-u   Owned by USERs

-U   Owned by real USERs (before suid)

Output modifiers:

-k   Sort FIELDs in +increasing or -decreasting order (--sort)

-M   Measure field widths (expanding as necessary)

-n   Show numeric USER and GROUP

-w   Wide output (don't truncate fields)